Feb 19, 2008

(Heart)Burning Up...

Holy mother of God, do I have heartburn! I've somehow managed to escape it for the first 34 years of my life, but this morning, I awoke at 4 AM and felt awful. I did everything the pregnancy books told me to do - take some antacids and propped myself up in bed. I felt a bit of relief and fell asleep only to wake up a couple of hours later with the same pain.

I took a swing over to Walgreens a few minutes ago and bought some extra strength Mylanta. I didn't even get out of the parking lot before I tore open the box and pop two pills into my mouth. I definitely feel better than I did while waiting in line to pay.

I have no idea what triggered this, but I am going to blame it on the four bites of turtle cheesecake I had just before I went to bed. Usually, I don't eat much after dinner, but I went into the refrigerator to put away my bottle of water and I saw the cheesecake just sitting there...waiting for me. Four bites really isn't that much, and considering I really haven't had any sweets since finding out I was pregnant (except that bite-size Snickers I ate a couple of weeks ago), I figured it wouldn't do me much harm.

But maybe it wasn't the cheesecake. Maybe it was the Crystal Light lemonade I chugged after dinner (and before I went to bed). I couldn't help it...I'm so darn thirsty all the time. I follow the "drink after meals, not during meals" rule, but that makes me so thirsty afterward. How can you not chug something to drink? Believe me, it's nearly impossible.

It looks like I brought the pain on myself (whether it was the cheesecake or the lemonade). I've learned my lesson, although I'm positive this isn't my last encounter with heartburn.

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