Nov 24, 2009

An early Thanksgiving

I am very thankful that my neurologist refilled my prescription for painkillers.

Nov 22, 2009

Griffin playing in the leaves

These pictures were taken during the one day in the past 5 weeks when Griffin was actually healthy (yes, he's sick again).

Nov 18, 2009


I just finished writing the scene that I've been thinking about since I first thought up this story idea. It flowed right off my fingers and even though this is only a first draft, I really like how it turned out. Of course, there will be revisions and I will probably go back and think it's just atrocious, but for now, I'm happy.

I'm also over 30,000 words! Almost 3,000 words today - very proud of myself for that.

Nov 17, 2009

I think we've all felt this way at some point

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs during lunch and came across this gem of a post from All & Sundry - I don't think I could have said it any better myself. Especially after the past couple of weeks.

And yes, Griffin, I love you very much, but seriously?

I can't believe I forgot to post this

Our day care provider sent me this picture of Griffin a couple of weeks ago just as he woke up from his morning nap. Now don't get me wrong, I love his curly hair. It's just that, well, he really does look like the Heatmiser.*

We love him curly hair and all, but we promptly got him in for a haircut (Griffin, not the Heatmiser - he can take care of his own grooming).

* I cannot take credit for the Heatmiser reference - that was all Christina's idea (she's our fabulous day care provider).

Nov 15, 2009


I just crossed the halfway mark in NaNo. I checked my total words and am at 25,159. There are 15 more days to go (counting today, and I'm going to count today because I'm not done writing).

The funny thing is that I am not even close to the halfway point in the novel. I just hope that I can reach 50,000 by the end of the month and that I can finish the novel if I'm not done with it by then. I'm worried I'm going to stop writing once NaNo is done. I must finish the novel or this whole thing was a waste.

Nov 12, 2009

Dinner conversations with a brand-new teenager

Duncan: Tracy, did you go to the store today?

Me: No, did you need something?

Duncan: I need more shampoo.

Me: Any particular kind?

Duncan: It doesn't really matter, but there's some, like, two-in-one stuff.

Me: Like shampoo and conditioner in one?

Duncan: Yeah!

Me: I know exactly what you're talking about. I'll get some tomorrow.

Duncan: Um, Tracy. I want the stuff that's for men.


Nov 6, 2009

The widgets are working! The widgets are working!

Two things:

1) The widgets are working (as you can see on the right-hand side of my blog).

2) The fact that I care about the widgets makes me a total loser.

Nov 5, 2009

Slow and steady wins the race

My NaNo word count is 6,725 as of yesterday afternoon. I wasn't able to get any more done last night because somehow Griffin has managed to get sick...again. Hopefully it's just a headcold this time and nothing else.

During the weekdays, I'm sticking to my plan of trying to write in the morning before Griffin wakes up (hasn't been happening because of the time change and his cold). Then I write during my lunch break at work - supposed to only be 20 minutes, but I stretch it to 30. Then I write at any other time I get the chance, but it better be before 8 PM because after that, I'm toast.

So 6,725 is pretty much on pace with the 1,667 words/day goal. In fact, I'm a few words ahead of that pace, so I will go ahead and pat myself on the back.

This weekend will be the true test since Patrick is leaving for Charlotte, NC tonight and won't be back until Sunday night. Oh, and there's a Bears game on Sunday afternoon (hey, a girl's got to have her priorities, right?).

So basically I want to tell all those NaNoers who cranked out, like 15,000 on the first day to suck it because my measly little 6,725 words after four days is still on target to win.

Nov 3, 2009

I came for the drinks, but I stayed for the love

My back-up husband will be performing at the Double Door  in Chicago this weekend, and once again, I'm going to miss him. Timing and geography are not our friends.

Ceci - if you're reading this, he'll be in Bloomington on November 8th. Lucky girl.

Nov 2, 2009

Another e-mail from my dad

He's the best dad...ever:


I like the writing project you have successfully begun today. It is like running a marathon of 26 miles, except you are writing a marathon of 50,000 words!


Rocky, you can do it and by making a public announcement, we'll be checking in on your progress as you reach various milestones like 5000, 10000, 15000 .... words.


Good luck.


Love, Paw


In case you're wondering about the nicknames Rocky and Paw, I wrote about them here a couple of years ago.

Nov 1, 2009

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride

So I think I mentioned that we were going to dress up as an 80s rock band for Halloween. Between getting our costumes together and someone's crankiness (I'll give you one guess), we almost didn't make it out the door for Halloween. OK, I admit, I was the one ready to throw in the towel, but it all turned out OK. Griffin loved going up to people's doors even if he wasn't getting candy.

OK, enough chit chat, here's a look at our costumes:

[caption id="attachment_1071" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="I think our band name should be Moore Than You Can Handle..."]003[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1072" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="I didn't have to ask him to make this face."]004[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1073" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="Don't ask"]006[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1074" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="Patrick's pants were so tight that when I saw him from behind I almost peed my pants"]005[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1076" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="My baby Griffin rockin' his Chuck Taylors"]002[/caption]

And one more post-Trick-or-Treating picture:

[caption id="attachment_1077" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="Digging into Duncan's stash of candy"]008[/caption]

And we're off...

I started writing at 5:30 this morning. After 1 hour and 15 minutes, I've written 1221 words. I have a word count on my blog, but I don't think NaNoWriMo has gotten the links up and running just yet.