Feb 19, 2008


I have bronchitis. I've been coughing a lot (mostly in the mornings, though) over the past week or so, but it never progressed into anything. I figured I was fighting off the germs everyone else was fighting, so I didn't think much of it. Then late this morning my chest and back started hurting, and when I walked and moved around, they hurt even more. I called the OB/GYN who told me to call my regular doctor right away. Long story short, they couldn't get me in until Thursday afternoon. That wasn't going to cut it, so I ran over to the clinic and was seen right away.

The only meds I can take are Tylenol for the chest/back pain and prescription Robitussin. No anti-inflammatory. No Prednisone.

I will say that I went an entire year without having bronchitis - that's a record for me!

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