May 21, 2010

Round three

Griffin developed a nasty ear infection at the very end of April (including a temp of 103). After ten days on amoxicillin, he continued to rub at his ear and be completely irritable. OK, so some of his behavior is also due to the fact that he is just about to turn two years old. We took him back to the doctor on Monday and the ear infection never cleared up, so he was placed on a ten-day dose of Augmentin. Now, just four full days into that treatment, he starts rubbing his ear again and whining. Today we start round three of antibiotics. This time it's Omnicef. At his appointment on Monday, the doctor said that if this doesn't clear up quickly, or if he still has fluid in his ears at his two-year check-up, we'll be referred to an ENT and he'll have to have tubes placed in his ears.

At this point, he's had about eight ear infections. The majority of those have come in the past ten months. As much as I don't want him to have to go through the surgery (and yes, I'm very aware that it only takes 15-20 minutes, but it's still surgery and he's my baby), I'm ready. Ear infections in toddlers are way worse than teething.

So, yeah, I pretty much went from being swamped at work to being swamped at home - let's not even mention the fact that in the past few weeks Patrick has travelled to Charlotte, NC twice (he's there now) and Colorado Springs. I'm not sleeping much and it's taking its toll on me.

I hope round three of antibiotics works. For Griffin's sake and for mine.

May 6, 2010


I hate to keep saying this, but I have been swamped the past month. I've written more grants than I care to remember, we're in the midst of celebrating our agency's 40th anniversary (which includes a huge special event and fundraising), and like usual this time of year, we have our annual golf event.

The golf event is on Monday and that day can't get here soon enough. It's the build-up to that day that just about kills me each year. Imagine planning a wedding for 200 people every year, but without the fancy dress, dancing, and cake.

I'm looking forward to blogging more once the event is over.