Feb 12, 2009

Hide 'n seek...

No matter where I live, the courts seem to track me down for jury duty. When I lived in Chicago, I got summoned more times than I like to remember. When I lived in Sycamore, Cook County still tried to summon me (I even called them and told them I had moved and would be willing to fax them a copy of the lease from my apartment, but I was NOT going back to Chicago to appear for jury duty). When I moved to Davenport I got summoned, and just a few weeks ago I received another summons. Patrick has lived here his entire life and I don't think he has ever been summoned. What is it about me?

The last time I went to court for jury duty, I had numerous people tell me to bring a book and be prepared for a long, boring day. Not three pages into my book and I got called into the first panel of potential jurors. I then spent the next seven hours in the courtroom listening to people trying to explain themselves out of jury duty. Unfortunately, I was seated in the Juror #11 seat, so I had to wait all day until they finally got to me. After three brief questions from the judge, I was dismissed (much to the dismay of the defense attorney who wanted me there because of my extensive background in psychology). I was handed a check for $17, which barely covered my train fare back home and prayed that I would never get called again.

I'm scheduled to appear for duty on Monday (yep, Scott County is open on the holiday). I'm swamped at work - three grants due by the 27th, a special event that I am in charge of coordinating, and two huge United Way presentations. They don't consider workload a reason to be excused, so I really hope they take one look at my sleep-deprived face (or make that listen to my sleep-deprived rambling) and kick me right out of there. Any chance they'll have sympathy for a new mom who hasn't hit a REM-cycle in about 7 months?

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