Jun 5, 2008


My new diet plan requires me to eat two "carb choices" for breakfast (this is approximately 30 grams of carbs). However, I am not allowed to have fruit juice, fruit, cold cereal, hot cereal, muffins, bagels, pancakes, or waffles first thing in the morning.

I started off by having whole wheat toast with peanut butter. I ate this just about every day for the past two weeks - aside from a Saturday or Sunday when I would have an egg and a piece of wheat toast. I was growing very bored and had another diabetic tell me that I should try NutriGrain frozen waffles. Yes, they're on the naughty list, but they are whole grain and because they contain lots of protein, I get to subtract that from the total number of carbs they contain. I was shocked when I found out that two of the frozen waffles only contained 28 grams of carbs (and that's before subtracting for the protein!).

So my new favorite breakfast (that still keeps my blood sugar below 120) is the following: 2 whole grain frozen waffles with peanut butter. I place the peanut butter sides together and eat it like a sandwich. The heat from the waffles melts the peanut butter and it's like food nirvana. Sometimes, if I think my body can handle it, I spread a tablespoon of low-sugar raspberry preserves on the waffles before I smash them together.

The small things in life make me very happy.


Marie said...

Seems very complicated, I must give you credit, you seem to have a pretty good handle on it all. After you have the baby, does the "betes" go away? I am glad you have found a yummy alternative cuz Lord knows that during pregnancy some things just taste different and sometimes only what you are craving will fulfill that urge! Hugs to you, my friend during this time!!!

tracyellen said...

My doctor said that about 95% of people with gestational diabetes go back to being "normal" after the baby is born, so that's definitely a good thing. I also found out that as soon as I have the baby it's OK to go back to my non-diabetic ways of eating. Assuming that I feel OK after giving birth, I plan on having a big glass of ice-cold orange juice :-)

Jason said...

Jonathan loves the whole grain NutriGrain frozens waffles, too!! He has those or pancakes every day for breakfast.

Sorry to hear about the insulin...