May 14, 2008

Glucose Schmucose

I had my glucose tolerance test this morning. No news yet, but I hope to hear by Friday.

I got to the hospital around 7 AM and finally left there at 11 AM. It was a very long morning, but I am thrilled that it's finally over. I've been worrying about this since last Thursday, and all in all, it wasn't as bad as some people have made it sound. Why do people insist on telling you how they passed out or threw up all over the waiting room when they did this test?

The worst part is that you have to fast for about 10 hours. I'm one of those people who wakes up and can eat almost immediately - especially these past few months. This morning, I got up, threw on some comfy clothes and headed out the door - I did my best to not think about that ice-cold glass of orange juice that I have each morning.

They tried to draw my blood right away, but just as they were about to do so, my nose started bleeding...and it wouldn't stop. They ended up making me lay down in a chaise lounge and prop my feet up. It finally stopped and they took my blood, then poured me a nice, tall glass of cold glucola. Yum. This time it had twice the amount of glucose, which gave the already sweet orange drink a thick, syrupy consistency. The only good thing was that it wasn't as carbonated, so I didn't feel as bloated.

Then I sat for an hour - I read a book and watched people come in and out of the hospital.

Another blood draw and another hour in the waiting area. I repeated this two more times for a total of 3 hours and 4 blood draws.

By the last 30 minutes, my stomach was growling and I couldn't stop thinking about all the food that sounded really good to me. I went home feeling sluggish and headachy from the sugar crash and the 12+ hour fast.

I'm curious what the results will be - just a fluke or gestational diabetes? Only time will tell.

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Marie said...

Well, glad it was not too bad, hope the results are good and you don't have to do it again. Have a great week!