Feb 26, 2008


Between the bronchitis, on-and-off migraines, and being swamped at work, I haven't posted much. I really haven't had too much to say until now:

  • I coughed a lot last week and felt pretty crappy, but the bronchitis turned out to be a relatively mild case for me.
  • Work is absolutely insane - grants, United Way reports, coordinating our golf event, media/PR, etc.
  • I am so completely sick of winter. I hate it. I hate the snow. I hate the blizzard warnings. I hate the below zero temperatures. I hate dragging the garbage and recycling bins through the snow. I hate the ice. I just hate everything about it.
  • The one good thing that has happened recently is that I got to have lunch with Jason (who desperately needs to start a blog because the world is missing out on his interesting observations on life). We met in DeKalb and ate at Potbelly's. I'm not sure it's really called Potbelly's...I think the official name is Potbelly Sandwich Works, but that's just too much to say. Needless to say we had a most excellent time - eating lunch and chatting about, well, about everything. We've made a commitment to meet for lunch every other month. We met in November, but had to miss January due to the weather (see my "I hate winter" rant and because of busy schedules).
  • Things are progressing smoothly with the pregnancy. I go to the doctor on March 3rd for my regular checkup and some bloodwork to test for possible birth defects. This is what I am most worried about. I want the baby to be healthy. I think about medications I had to take and the food I've been eating. Did I eat healthy enough? Did I take too much medicine? In a couple of more weeks, we will schedule the ultrasound...so excited about that. I think I've been relatively relaxed the last couple of months, which is difficult for me as I am one of the most anxious people alive.

I'm looking forward to things calming down a bit - better weather, the start of baseball season, good news from the doctor, etc. I also made the commitment to start writing again. I miss that creative process and I think it could do me some good...

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Jason said...

I think you give me too much credit, but I appreciate it anyway. I had a fantastic time as well. I look forward to our next lunch, especially the true appearance of the belly. And also because you'll have shared with me your first chapter and we can discuss it. No pressure! :-p