Jan 8, 2008


Three straight weeks of migraines? Seriously? Is there any chance that these will end...or even taper off?

Here's the saddest thing about this whole stupid situation - right now, I'm not even happy that I'm pregnant. As horrible as this might sound, I've had thoughts flash through my mind about how much easier things would be if I had never gotten pregnant. Seriously, whose genius idea was it to get pregnant? Deep down I'm not serious about those bad thoughts, but I can't deny that I've had them.

According to my neurologist and my OB/GYN, there is a very good chance that they will significantly improve as I enter my second trimester (another 2 weeks!), but I wonder if I will be that small percentage of women who suffer with them for my entire pregnancy.

Right now I'm floating in a haze of painkillers. This is the only thing I can do to help the headaches. I hate it when people question whether or not I should be taking such medication. It has been deemed safe. And seriously...what is my other option? Doing a swan-dive out my second story window onto the concrete? Because after three straight weeks, that feels like my only alternative.

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Marie said...

I so feel your pain and I wish there was something that I could do to help. Seriously, have you tried reflexology? It is a total brain saver. I had treatments and was migraine free in one hour and no ugly side effects like drug induced coma! If you have the treatments on a regular basis you may be migraine free your entire pregnancy! I know they may sound too granola to some people, I was a non believer myself, but after a treatment I was a true believer!!!