Jan 10, 2008

I Hate Being So Negative, But...

I feel like I've done nothing but complain the last few weeks. Maybe my life is just in that cycle at this time. You know how at times everything is looking up? You have success at work, you get to spend time with your family, your favorite baseball team actually wins their division. Then you go through those times when family members have health problems, work is a pain in the ass, life feels cluttered and disorganized.

I think I'm going through the down cycle. My grandfather isn't doing very well. Yes, he's almost 92 years old, but his mobility is diminishing, he has an infection on his leg that isn't healing, and I think he's beginning to realize how much his life has slowed down. My mother-in-law survived the first of six chemo treatments yesterday. She is tired from the anxiety and the whole experience itself, but she is still upbeat about things. I worry about her, though. My sister's mother-in-law has been admitted to the hospital because her recently diagnosed Alzheimer's has moved into the "very advanced" category. She has become violent at home and is a danger to herself and others. She will be moving into a permanent assisted living facility very soon. She is only 64 years old. And to top it all off, our Boo is sick again. She is at the vet's office right now getting some blood tests. She has lost more weight and there is some concern about thyroid and kidney problems. I'm just waiting for the doctor to call.

I hate downer posts, but it's just how things are right now. It's just one of those cycles. Things have to improve, right?

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Marie said...

Tracy, we all have those days, nothing can cheer you up and no one can say a thing that makes you feel better. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one!