Jan 23, 2008

Not Exactly How We Planned It

Last week, Jordan (one of our cats) seemed to be acting differently - less energy, not eating as much, etc. We brought him to the vet on Monday and found out that he was in kidney failure. We brought him to the animal ER for some fluids and to try bringing up his temperature. Nothing was working and the prognosis was not good. After some difficult discussions we decided that the most humane thing to do would be to put him to sleep. We brought him home to spend one more night with us and we planned on taking him in this afternoon.

While we waited for Duncan to come home from school, Jordan passed away while wrapped in a blanket and sleeping on Patrick's chest. This was his favorite place to be, so it seemed like things worked out perfectly.

In a way, this is almost easier as we didn't have to go in and make that awful decision - we both were dreading it. It will be weird for him not to be around any longer. The house definitely will be quiet. Patrick has had him for almost 16 years and he's going to have a difficult transition ahead of him.

Even though he's a cat, he still was a part of this family. I miss him.

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