Jan 23, 2008

We Miss Him

We took Jordan (aka Mr. Jordan, Jordan Kitty, Baby Jordan, JJ, Puddin' Pie) to the Rock Island Animal Shelter. We kept him wrapped in the same quilt he was wrapped in when he died. We have a close relationship with the people at the shelter (my in-laws live right next door to the shelter), so we felt that Jordan was in safe hands. The hardest part was watching them place him (and his quilt) in a special cardboard box that they use for deceased animals. As soon as I saw them close up the box, I wanted to open it and let him out. "What if he's not really dead?," I kept thinking. What if he can't breathe in there? But I knew better. I knew that he was dead. I knew that we would never see him again...aside from in pictures. So here are some of my favorites taken over the past few months:

I wish that we could get him back...

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