Dec 17, 2007

Praying to the Phenergan Gods

The late-night sickness started coming earlier and earlier until it became all-day sickness. I went from having a healthy appetite to a non-existent appetite. I'm hungry, but put me in front of food and I will refuse all of it. Nothing is appetizing to me. Sure, it all sounds good, and it even smells good, but I don't actually want to eat any of it.

My diet has consisted of bananas, graham crackers, pretzels, cheese & crackers, and plain noodles. The weird thing is now all of these foods (even the mere thought of them) make me nauseous.

After 5 days on vitamin B6 supplements to combat the sickness, I was forced to call the doctor, who promptly prescribed me an anti-nausea medication - Phenergan. It's supposed to cause significant drowsiness. long as I stop feeling like throwing up 24/7.

So I'm wondering when the excitement of this situation will kick in. That initial sense of panic seems to have passed (I'm sure I'll have more of those moments as the weeks pass), but seriously, when will I really feel pregnant? When we decide on how to decorate the "spare bedroom"? When we start calling it the nursery instead of the spare bedroom? When I have that first ultrasound? When I outgrow my pants? When I feel the baby move? When Patrick and I go to Target to start a registry and I get to watch him randomly zap things with the scanner gun like he did when we were getting married?

This is all weird, wild stuff...

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