Sep 13, 2007


I'm making progress with my Light The Night fundraising:

I sent out about 15 e-mails last night to hopefully bring in more donations - I got an additional $60 today! I haven't heard back from everyone yet. I know that not everyone will donate, and I'm completely OK with that. I don't ever want to push my family and friends into giving money, but it's not like it's coming to's going to a great cause.

So I'm baking some banana crunch muffins and some blueberry muffins for a bit of a bake sale. My mother-in-law is helping me sell them. I feel funny selling them at work since I work for a non-profit agency. Food is such a great motivator for people. It's horrible, but why not take advantage of this?

Things are different this year. Last year I attended the informational meeting just 5 short days before my aunt died. We were really motivated because the loss was still so fresh. This year, while still motivated, things feel much more distant. Every once in a while I open up my web page and I look at her picture - somehow it brings back that flood of memories and emotions. I know I'm raising this money for those fighting blood cancer, but deep down I do it for her. I do it for all the crap she went through.

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