Jul 13, 2007

Nothing To Report

I won't know anything about the results of my tests for another few days. I didn't post this any sooner because I developed a bad migraine about an hour or so before my appointment. I wasn't able to stop and take anything since I was rushing from work to the hospital. I spent all of yesterday through the night feeling miserable. I took lots of pills without any relief.

I took more this morning and spent all day in a haze.

So, basically I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor. I couldn't pull anything out of the nurse - not even a hint of some news. I was hoping she would say "Not to worry. Everything looks good." I guess they can't in case someone comes back to try to sue them.

Waiting sucks...

1 comment:

ACE said...

Tom Petty was right.
Waiting IS the hardest part.
Trust me.
I understand.