May 8, 2007

I Don't Know Nothin' About Birthin' Babies

I also know nothin' about playin' golf...and yet I am in charge of coordinating our agency's annual golf outing - our biggest fundraiser of the year.

I used to love this time of year - early spring, blooming trees and flowers, fresh air, open windows, etc. However, my love for it has been replaced by stress and frustration. This is my fifth year running this event and my fifth year of not quite despising spring, but rushing through it - not noticing the trees, the sweet smell in the air, the cool breezes. I used to watch the buds on the trees appear and savor these gorgeous days before they quickly are replaced by the heat and humidity of a Midwest summer. But now everything is in relation to this event - how many stressful days are left, how many more days I have 30 people coming at me in all different directions, asking questions and making requests.

On the bright side, that magic number is down to 3 (well, 3 work days, but I still have the weekend to be stressed). The event is on Monday the 14th. After that, the wrap-up starts, but that's the easy part. I will be a free woman again, and in order to get through these next few days, I've been keeping a list of all the things I will do when I'm done:

- Go to the library
- Read more
- Cook some fantastic and incredibly challenging meal
- Play tennis
- Go back to the gym
- Write my novel (obviously not the entire thing, but I'm challenging myself to write more of it)
- Enjoy the rest of this season...

The thoughts of these things keeps me going - keeps me focused on getting through the stress.

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