Mar 1, 2007


My stepson has an obsession with Elvis. I honestly have no idea how it started - possibly because my husband can do a pretty great impersonation of him. For the past 4 years, we have had the tradition of dressing up together for Halloween. We always dress up as a group, and we rotate turns for who gets to choose the theme. In 2003, my stepson chose Batman. My husband was Batman, my stepson was Robin, and you guessed it, I ended up with Catwoman. I have a picture hanging up in our house, but I need to get it scanned and on this blog. In 2004, my husband chose Gilligan's Island. He was the Skipper, my stepson was Gilligan (and he made the BEST Gilligan!), and I once again got stuck with Ginger (only because it was too cold to wear Mary Ann's little outfit). In 2005, it was finally my turn to choose - I picked Grease. The two guys were "T-Birds" and I got to be a Pink Lady. Ironically, I wore the same red wig I wore when I was Ginger in 2004.

Well, last year was my stepson's turn to choose. He thought about it and thought about it before finally announcing his choice - Elvis! We would be three different Elvises (Elvi???) from three different times in his life. My husband was kind of the brooding 1950's Elvis, my stepson was Jailhouse Rock Elvis, and yours truly got stuck with "Jumpsuit Elvis." When I came down the stairs, I had my husband laughing so hard that he couldn't even look at me. Here are some pictures of us posing that night.

FYI - my costume was very uncomfortable (tight pants, bad mask, etc.). By the way, I took an old pair of pants and Bedazzled them myself (I was completely embarrassed that I bought a Bedazzler, but just look at how cool my pants and shirt turned out!). If you're wondering why I'm kicking in one of the pictures, it's because my husband said that's what Elvis used to do in his jumpsuits - karate-like kicks. I think he was just trying to fool me:

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