Mar 3, 2007

The News and Other Bizarre Things

My father's biopsy came back negative for cancer. Obviously, I was thrilled when I heard from my mom yesterday. I had a weird and somewhat unexpected reaction when I called my husband to tell him the good news - I started to cry just a bit when I left him the message. Of course, I need to think about all those people who also were waiting for results, but did not get the same good news.

Maybe it was the stress of this past week (news about my dad, lots of migraines, preparing for work this weekend), but I had the most bizarre dream ever. I gave birth to a baby girl. Apparently, things happened quickly and we were not able to get to a hospital because I gave birth at home. It was over pretty quickly and it didn't hurt (this is why it was just a dream!). It really isn't weird until you get to the part when we're suddenly at my parents' house and I realize that I slept through the night without ever waking up to check on the baby. My mom tells me that she took care of everything. She turns to hand me the baby and I realize (without being the slightest bit shocked) that my beautiful baby girl has turned into a Chocolate Lab!!

So, do I want a baby or a dog???

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ACE said...

I have a bit of a penchant for dream analysis. Giving birth usually signifies the beginning of something new in your life. I often have dreams that I am pregnant, meaning something new is on the way... giving birth is just what you think it means. The birth of new ideas, feelings, anything you want. The anxiety you felt about not "checking on the baby" throughout the night could mean that, after hearing the news of your father, your subconcious couldn't process that he was really okay. And the dog? Maybe the "new thing" coming into your life will be totally unexpected and strange, but still wonderful nonetheless.