Nov 5, 2009

Slow and steady wins the race

My NaNo word count is 6,725 as of yesterday afternoon. I wasn't able to get any more done last night because somehow Griffin has managed to get sick...again. Hopefully it's just a headcold this time and nothing else.

During the weekdays, I'm sticking to my plan of trying to write in the morning before Griffin wakes up (hasn't been happening because of the time change and his cold). Then I write during my lunch break at work - supposed to only be 20 minutes, but I stretch it to 30. Then I write at any other time I get the chance, but it better be before 8 PM because after that, I'm toast.

So 6,725 is pretty much on pace with the 1,667 words/day goal. In fact, I'm a few words ahead of that pace, so I will go ahead and pat myself on the back.

This weekend will be the true test since Patrick is leaving for Charlotte, NC tonight and won't be back until Sunday night. Oh, and there's a Bears game on Sunday afternoon (hey, a girl's got to have her priorities, right?).

So basically I want to tell all those NaNoers who cranked out, like 15,000 on the first day to suck it because my measly little 6,725 words after four days is still on target to win.


Tracy said...

The NaNoWriMo web site counted my words and came up with 6,734, so I'm very happy to just take the bigger of the two numbers. Also, since their word count widget wasn't working (Ooh, that's some alliteration!), I was able to snag one from the Write Or Die site.

Christina Heald said...

That was my question to you the other day when I left you a message. Forgot about it 'til now. I wondered if you ever got your widget to work because it hasn't on mine either--then I wondered if it wasn't working because I hadn't uploaded anything to the site yet for them to count. I love the new widget and I'm just going to be honest--when I get a chance tonight, I am going to that website and snagging one for myself. I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work. Oh, and, can I have a sneak peak? Afterall, I did give you a random feel up last night--hahaha

Tracy said...

I heard that the NaNo web site might have the widget ready to go by tomorrow, but we'll see. Apparently, they've had so many people on their site that they are trying to fix some other issues first, and then move on to the "fun stuff" like widgets. Also, if you go to the Write Or Die site, you can set a timer for however long you want and start writing. It's a good way to focus because there's a little countdown reminding you to keep writing. I made my goal, so I have NO idea what happens if you don't.

Random feel-up? I have no idea what you're talking about :-)

Christina Heald said...

hahaha--the expression on your face was soo funny! Too bad I can't feel anything anymore. Can't wait to check out that site.