Oct 2, 2009

We built this city on rock n' roll

We finally decided on our family costume idea for this Halloween. I've been bugging Patrick about it for weeks - it's his turn to choose - since we like to give ourselves as much time as possible to make our costumes. So this year's theme is:

80's Rock Band

Yes, this will include Griffin. I'm really excited because I love a good theme like this. Some other ideas we tossed around include: The Village People (Patrick and I thought this was great, but just couldn't do that to a 13-year old Duncan), Scooby Doo, Willy Wonka, Chicago sports teams.

I like 80's Rock Band because it involves big, bad hair and the possibility of acid washed denim. Rock on!


Christina Heald said...

Justin totally thought it should be a spongebob squarepants theme since you already have a Patrick--he even offered up his new and most favorite SS pajama pants in case anyone needed them (like they would fit anyone) but it was the thought that counts!

Jason said...

Can't wait to see the photos of this.