Sep 27, 2009

My big boy

These pictures made me realize how big Griffin has gotten. He's not a little baby anymore...

Big Boy BW




Jason said...

I love the middle picture--that Griffin, he's so introspective... :-)

Seriously, though, he's adorable. Can't wait to see him again sometime.

Christina Heald said...

I can't wait to get a picture for Christmas! Hint Hint I came on to check out the pics you told me about this moring. He has changed sooo much in just the past year! You forget until you see it immortalized in a photo. I love the second picture too! Well, I love them all, but I agree with Jason.

On another note, your son has just finished his lunch and has found a new hiding/hoarding spot for his much beloved broccolli salad--in his curls. I have been picking carrots out of his hair for over five minutes now and I'm about to start in on the broccolli florets. :) Ho, Ho, Ho--Green Griffin!
Ok--I'm going to come clean--he was caught shoving red skinned potato salad up his nose and cackling about it. Sigh. Remind me to tell you about Jeff and what he shoved up there when he was a little boy. Totally gross. Must be a boy thing.