Jun 2, 2009

Real people

Griffin has been eating a lot lately. He doesn't want "baby" food anymore (pureed foods, although applesauce and pureed pears are still OK). I keep telling people he really loves "real people" food, but then I realize that this makes him sound like he's not a real person. What I mean to say is that he wants to only eat big people food. Last night he ate a cheese quesadilla. Last week he had some tilapia and green beans. He also likes grilled cheese (with provolone cheese!), papaya, and mango. And once, when he went to Sam's Club with a group from day care, he had a sample of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Griffin's a real person. He's also quite the exotic eater.


Jason said...

He eats better than I do.

Apropos of nothing--the dog that Angela and her mom had while Angela was growing up, Fluffy (she named him when she was really young), had some health problems near the end of his life. For the last year or two he was alive, he had to be on a special diet. Oftentimes, he ended up eating better than Angela and her mom--Fluffy would get steak and they'd have Kraft macaroni and cheese.

specificallyspeaking said...

...and he loved every bit of that cordon bleu! In fact, he wanted mine also! The funniest thing is that he has only two teeth and he has such good mouthing skills! He reminds me of a cow at times...he would graze all day if you let him and I'm not always sure if he's hoarded a puff somewhere and comes back for a treat (when I catch him gumming something) or if he is just working on his cud! haha Gotta love him--and I do. :)