Mar 3, 2009

Does this mean that I'm really, really lazy?

I've been sick for two weeks...taking care of a baby who has been sick for two weeks. We're both on antibiotics. We're both cranky. We both need more sleep than we're getting. Add to the mix that I have an all-day retreat with our board of directors tomorrow morning to discuss strategic planning, and I'm about to slit my wrists.

I'm home alone tonight and decided that I was just going to take my shower this evening, saving myself some time in the morning when I assume I'll still feel like crap. Normally I can't do this because I've been cursed with curly hair and after a night of sleeping (or tossing and turning), let's just say it's not a good look. To make things even easier, I straightened my hair so all I have to do is do a quick touch-up.

So after my shower I start to put on my jammies and I think that I just might wear the black tank that I plan on wearing underneath my sweater tomorrow. I hate waking up in the middle of the night and feeling really warm and a tank is perfect because I can always throw on a zip-up sweatshirt if I feel too cool. The bonus is that I'll already be wearing part of my work outfit.

Then I hit a new low when I spotted my bra and slipped that on underneath the tank. Lazy or just really efficient?

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