Jan 13, 2009

I love me some peaches...

This is a short post as I am swamped with grants. I finished the two United Way grants last week and I already have two more due by the end of this month (and then three more in February and so on and so on...).

Therefore, this is a brief post about how Griffin finally ate some "real" food. The kid did not want cereal (rice or oatmeal), so I gave in to my gut and gave him some peaches. The first two bites, he spit right back out, but then again, all he does these days is spit so I wasn't too concerned. After the third bite it was like a light turned on in his brain: Hey! This stuff is pretty good! Then he swallowed it, grabbed the spoon from my hands and sucked all the peaches off it like he hadn't eaten in weeks. If he could speak I know he would have said, "Why have you been keeping this from me all these months?"

So here he is in all his messy, peachy glory:

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Jason said...

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.
Millions of peaches, peaches for free.