Jun 26, 2008

The Basement

With all the recent rain and flooding in Iowa, our basement took a big hit. We're very lucky that we did not get as much damage as some other people, but for never having a drop of water in our basement in the 4 years we've lived here, it's still pretty bad.

Patrick noticed the water seeping in the night we got approximately 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours. And it soaked through...and soaked through...and just kept going. Our basement is (was?) finished with nice carpeting. We were in the process of organizing down there in preparation of my parents staying with us for about a week after the baby arrives.

Well, the carpet had to be pulled back, the padding removed, and the foundation dried. It smelled like dead bodies (I've never smelled one before, but I'm taking a guess). Patrick had to pull out cabinets from the wall and everything is just piled up and a huge freakin' mess. Just take a look:

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Marie said...

Oh doesn't that suck! I hate water damage! I would rather something break, rot, or just all together stop working than have to deal with water...I feel your pain. Hopefully, the worst if over!