Mar 4, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well...not that Super Tuesday. This one is quite different. Next Tuesday, Patrick and I will have our first fetal ultrasound. I am torn between extreme nervousness and absolute excitement. I am nervous because we will get a very lengthy scan to check the baby from head to toe. They will look for physical abnormalities and markers that might be predictors of birth defects - cleft palates, Down's Syndrome, spinabifida, etc. I hope and pray that everything is just fine.

I'm also excited because, pending the baby's cooperation, we will be finding out if it's a boy or a girl. I always thought I would wait to find out, and I just might have if Patrick hadn't be so insistent that we know. I was more middle of the road on the idea, while he really wanted to find out. Now I'm excited that we will know (hopefully). It's not going to make a difference on how we decorate the room - I'm not too big into frilly, lacy, pink stuff for a girl, or completely sports-related stuff for boys. And I know that the ultrasounds are not 100% accurate when it comes to determining the sex of the baby, so I'm sure we'll pick out a couple of boy names and a couple of girl names. Right now we both have individual lists that we will have to whittle down. Seriously, I don't think there is a single name that we have agreed on. Oy...this is going to be interesting.

Now I just sit here and anxiously await our Super Tuesday...

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Marie said...

Oh how very exciting! I can still remember my first ultrasound. It was strange but oh so sweet! I loved it and still have the picture in a frame. This was long before you were given a video and a long list of pictures to take home with you. I hope it all goes well.