Mar 28, 2008


I haven't had many cravings since being pregnant - except ice-cold orange juice (but I've always loved orange juice, so I don't really count that as a craving...although now it has to be as cold as possible). Anyway, back to my point. I haven't had many cravings, but for some reason I cannot stop thinking about potato salad. The old-fashioned kind with lots of mayonnaise and celery and hard-boiled eggs.

I'm hungry and I feel like I could eat a bowl of it right now. I can't eat that much because I'll be sick, but I am thinking about stopping at the grocery store on the way home and picking some up from the deli (I'm too hungry to make it myself).

I can almost taste it...

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Marie said...

OOooo, yum. When I was pregnant I craved good for you foods, like ice cold milk (must be ice cold, too) and apples, cheese, chicken, eggs. If is was good for you, I craved it. Every once in a while I would see a food commercial and crave DH had to make a Burger King trip on more than one occassion. Summer is right around the corner, potato salad sounds soooo good!