Sep 17, 2007


A woman I work with just came in my office to dig through my garbage for the obituary section of the local newspaper. So you'd think this was the gross part of my story, right? Wrong. It gets worse. I tell her that I didn't finish my mid-morning snack of yogurt, and it tipped over in the garbage can. She assures me that this is not a problem for her. Gross, right? Wrong. Here's where it gets bad. While digging through my trash, she proceeds to cough...make that hack violently...WITHOUT COVERING HER MOUTH! We work in a day care center. She works with the children. I figured she understood how germs are transmitted. I don't even work with the kids and I know this.

I just sat there, astonished at what I was watching...and hearing. And it wasn't just a my-allergies-are-acting-up kind of cough. It was an I-just-took-three-sick-days-and-am-on-the-verge-of-pneumonia cough. Rattling...phleghm-y...comes from your toes coughing.

Mark my words - I will have bronchitis by this time next week. I have managed to avoid it all year, but it's coming, I just know it...

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