Jun 16, 2007

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

It was quite the perfect day to spend at Wrigley Field with my dad for an early Father's Day celebration. We haven't been to a Cubs game together in many years - we both were trying to figure out what year it was (1993, perhaps?). We had a great time - got to Wrigley nice and early, found our seats, and ate our hotdogs. The last Cubs game I attended last year was downright cold (barely 40 degrees) and it was raining. Yesterday was beautiful - about 90 degrees and sunny. Fortunately, we were in the shade, so the heat didn't feel too bad.

The game had a little bit of everything - controversy, homeruns by Soriano and Fontenot, and a Cubbies win! It doesn't get better than that.

I brought both of my cameras with me (film and digital). Here are a few (ok, more than a few) of my favorite pictures:

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