May 26, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

Ah...a brief tribute to one of my favorite movies as a little girl (I still love when it's on TV, but must watch it alone as the two "men" in the house don't get it).

It seems as though everything is official with the sale of the house - we received our escrow money the other day. Just a few pictures of our last moments at the house:

The tulips I planted so many years before opened up on the day before we handed over the keys:

A look at the final few boxes:

The family room that we remodeled (crown molding and built-in shelving that I forgot to take a picture of):

A look at the dining area and into the kitchen:

The living room area and our old front door:

A close-up look at the screened-in front porch that Patrick completely fixed before we listed the house:

So now we can officially say goodbye to 2352 E. Pleasant Street. I hope that the new owner has as many good memories in this house as we did...

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