Apr 13, 2007


I purchased a new digital camera a few weeks ago and have been experimenting with it. It's a very different experience from using my film camera, although they are both made by Canon (I figured it would be an easier transition). My film camera is an EOS Rebel and my new digital camera is a Power Shot S3 IS. As an amateur (very amateur) photographer, I wanted something more than a point & shoot camera, but was no way ready (or wealthy enough) for an SLR camera. I'm still learning the different features.

So, I took the camera with me for Easter and took some pics of Reese and Vann:

They simply crack me up...

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ACE said...

So cute!!

Good idea buying the digital. SLR's are great fun, but take a lot of education to learn how to use one- trust me, I own two of them and still sometimes have to get out the manual and go "What the F*#%???"