Apr 26, 2007

Make Them Stop

The headaches continue, but I have to try to go on with my life - especially work, which is at its annual peak with the golf event and TONS of grants. I am home right now writing two more of them that are due on Tuesday. I'm waiting for the meds to kick in before I go back to writing.

For the first time in a while I actually am at a loss for words. I hope this doesn't affect the grantwriting I need to get back to...

I hope the headaches stop soon - this is getting to be too much.


ACE said...

How are you feeling today? Any better yet?

And what about that good news??

Marie said...

Oh...I am a migraine sufferer too, and I can so relate!!! Sorry to hear that you suffer so often. Love your blog...just sat and read your history...great stories...sorry to hear of the loss of your Aunt!