Mar 16, 2007

I'm So Mad At Myself

I just finished reading the letter from the guy who "demands" his earnest money or else he'll be "forced to take legal action." I'm so mad that I read it while I was alone, because now I'm just wandering through the house saying random curse words. I also just left my husband a 5-minute long voicemail message in which I said some form of the word "fuck" approximately 60 times. I'm sure he'll be so thrilled to listen to it.

I need to channel my anger. I need to sit down and brainstorm what we should say in response - apparently, we need to write a letter in response to his bullshit letter. And do you know what else pisses me off? His letter is full of grammatical errors and fucking run-on sentences!!! Fucking idiot! I know that shouldn't matter, but don't try to write your letter like you've got some kind of Ivy League education, but in reality you end every fucking sentence in a fucking preposition.

Whew, that felt good.

I think I should rant some more and then jot down all the points we need to make in our letter while everything is fresh in my mind. I also need to call our realtor and make sure we have copies of all the reports and estimates.

Why did I read that letter?

1 comment:

ACE said...

Yah, girl. Right on! The "asshole" sounds like a real fuckwit. Hopefully, if legal action is taken, it will definately work out for you. I don't see how it couldn't!!