Feb 2, 2007


I've been MIA lately. This has been a strange week. I'm finally feeling better, and have been catching up on all of the sleep I missed when I couldn't breath out of my nose and from my coughing fits I would have throughout the night.

I also suffered from what I initially thought was a self-inflicted migraine. After one year and one week, I decided to have some chocolate - in the form of a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie. It was so good. I was in heaven. However, the next day, I woke up in hell. Horrible stabbing pain in/around my right eye. Thankfully, the medication was in the bathroom, so I was able to take that right away. I also needed some painkillers, which made me quite loopy at work. Since then, I've been having headaches on and off all week - right now, I'm fighting another one. It's not nearly as bad as the last one, but still annoying and still painful.

On the work front, there was a possibility that I would be writing a huge grant for the Illinois State Board of Education. I like writing grants, and this sounded like a nice challenge for me. However, I have a grant due next Friday, as well as on February 28th. This grant, which is due on March 15th, also coincides with all of the coordinating I need to do for our agency's annual golf event. The whole idea of juggling all of these things, as well as my other duties at work, was really bothering me. I was in a bad funk, and I really hate being in a funk.

The good news is that we decided not to go for this grant. It really does feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now I just have to deal with this migraine...

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ACE said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. It seems as if we are both dealing with some yucky stuff in our lives right now. Hang in there, girl! Migranes are a real bitch.