Feb 13, 2007


One night last week, my husband, stepson, and I all sat down to dinner. Even though we always have something to talk about while we eat, I pulled from our bookshelves a book that I received for my birthday way back in 1996. It was from my friend Ceci, and it's called If. Basically, it's a book of questions that really make you think. I skimmed through it and asked the appropriate ones at dinner.

My personal favorites are:

* If you had to drown in one liquid other than water, what would it be? - While my husband couldn't think of anything (even though I know his answer is coffee), my stepson answered "Cream Soda." Yuck.

* If you had to sell your soul for one thing, what would it be? - My answer: A Cubs World Series Championship!!! No one else had an answer after I shouted mine at the top of my lungs.

* If you could go back in time, as yourself, to observe any single event from history, what would you want to witness? - Stepson: Watching Elvis when he first performed (don't ask about the Elvis obsession); Husband: The Kennedy assassination (creepy!); Me: MLK Jr's I Have a Dream speech.

* If you could be any sports figure now alive, who would you want to be? - Stepson: Michael Jordan; Husband: Roger Federer

This book is so much fun - even when you weed out the inappropriate questions...

Just for fun, though, I did ask my husband the following question after my stepson left the room: If you had to sleep with someone you despise in exchange for one thing, what is it that you would demand? - His answer had to do with lots and lots of money. My answer: A Cubs World Series Championship. What can I say? I like to dream big.

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ACE said...

That is so awesome! I have both If and If-2. Such great things to have a parties, too.