Jan 18, 2007

Slip Sliding Away...

I was really going to write about how today marks the 1-year anniversary of my blog (at least I think it is). I should go back and check, but I think I started it the day before my 33rd birthday. So, this means that tomorrow I turn 34. I've hit my mid-30's. I'm a 30-something...

My husband just called to tell me that on his way to drop of his son at his mom's house, he skidded off the road and into a ditch. Hence, the title of this post. Everyone is fine, but they were unable to get the truck out of the ditch. Right now he is driving his ex-wife's new husband's truck. Yep, we're a close family. My husband's ex-wife is also our realtor and we even offered to watch her 3-year old son when she went into labor with their new baby. It's much better than being a "blended family" that fights and argues. We're proud of that.

Anyway, one year has passed and so much has happened. There have been good times like the trip to Las Vegas, and unfortunately, there have been unbelieveably sad times like this one.

As much as I love to start a new year - a clean slate, a fresh start - I hate it. I always seem to be consumed by anxiety - what will this new year bring? It can't all be good things. I hate being the kind of person waiting for bad things to happen.

This really is not how I planned this message to turn out.

Well, my husband got home safely and is upset and has wet feet - he stepped in a creek trying to move the truck. Yuck. It's also like 28 degrees outside. Not a good night.

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