Jan 2, 2007

The New Year

Well, I didn't post anything yesterday - the first day of 2007 - like I wanted. The problem was that I didn't have anything to say. Actually, I don't really have anything to say right now. This is just a tactic to avoid grantwriting - lots and lots of grantwriting.

As for the other writing, I haven't done anything yet. The problem is that Monday through Friday (and certain Saturdays and Sundays) I write grants. I like writing them, but it makes it difficult to write for fun. That's not true. I really don't know why I avoid writing. OK, that's not true either. I avoid it because I don't know what I would do if I ever actually finished a novel. I'd probably just stare at it for a while and then hide it away somewhere.

Here's the funny thing - whenever I have lots of grantwriting to do, I wish I could find the time to write for fun. However, when I have the time, I find other things to do...

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