Nov 30, 2006

My Sister...

My sister rocks. She has been invited to participate in the One of a Kind Show and Sale located at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. She is being listed as an "Emerging Artist." I told you she rocks. To check out some of the cool stuff she does, go to her web site: Bliss

She got her artistic abilities from my mom. I, on the other hand, got mine from my dad. I don't think his feelings would be hurt if I mentioned ever so delicately that we both suck. My artistic skills peaked in the 6th grade when I did an awesome drawing (in some kind of heavy-duty foil product). My picture was of the ultra-hip band The Power Station. Anyone remember them? I saw them in concert with my sister and my mom, but I digress.

Anyway, looking forward to the show next weekend - will be driving back home to Chicago with my husband and staying overnight on Michigan Avenue (Hard Rock Hotel). It'll be strange to go "home" and stay in a hotel.

Sometimes it feels weird to be living in Iowa.

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