Aug 31, 2006


I've been missing in action for a while. Absolutely swamped with a huge grant. Government grants are just awful - 59 pages of instructions, yet so completely vague about certain things. The grammar geek that I am actually found errors in their RFP. They also made mistakes when referencing their own instructions. Such dorks. That is unless they actually give us the $86,000 to fund a new program. Then they'll be my new best friends...and I'll be the hero at the office.

After working 11 hours on Tuesday, 8 hours on Wednesday, then attending a 2 hour staff training Wednesday night, I came home and worked until 11 PM. I woke up extra early to get a head start this morning. I was still swamped...

Anyway, the due date was today at 4 PM and I got it in 20 minutes under the wire (cue the ESPN theme music).

I officially rock.

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