Mar 26, 2006

What Did I just Eat???

I'm not on a diet. I don't need to lose weight, but I do need to change my eating habits - specifically, I need to be more consistent. I am a sporadic healthy eater. Fortunately, I love almost all vegetables (no asparagus, please). So, after a hectic week at work and 5 straight days with migraines, here is what I ate on Friday:

peanut butter (lots and lots of peanut butter) on wheat toast and a glass of OJ

Cheese pizza and water

Cheese pizza and a Diet Coke

Two peanut butter cookies (Girl Scout!) and water

While eating dinner, I commented to Husband, "I didn't eat a single vegetable today."

Husband: "So what?"

OK, in my defense: 1) I had my performance review at work, so I wasn't really hungry for lunch, 2) With it being Lent, I felt like my choices were limited, and 3) Stepson had a sleepover, and as we all know, kids love pizza.

Lame excuses, I know, but what can I say. OK, so Saturday wasn't much better...

1 comment:

Paw said...


That food list of yours is quite funny. I hear that keeping a food journal is the way to control and manage one's weight and health.
I think your list proves that theory, if you can ever "prove" any theory. Remember, peanut butter and pizza are good for you. Enjoy!

Love, Paw