Nov 8, 2010

The weight of my world

We're eight days into NaNoWriMo and I'm still a tad behind in my word count. I'm not too concerned - I caught up a lot during the weekend. In the meantime, I pasted what I've written so far into Wordle to see what my novel looks like. Obviously my characters' names are what I use most, but otherwise here's what it looks like:

I didn't realize I used the word "just" so often. My characters use it a lot when they're talking. Does that count? Is it better to use that word when a character says, "I just want you to understand me" versus the narrator saying "He was just too young to understand the difference."

Eh. I'm still only 11,500 words in. I'm sure this will look different when I'm done. OK, I hope it looks different when I'm done.

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Katie Ganshert said...

I LOVE Wordle. I do the same thing when I'm writing a novel. It shows me which words are big, but shouldn't be big. Like "was" :)