Oct 21, 2010

I want to remember...

  • How, at two-years old, you have more energy that anyone I know.
  • The way your face lights up when you see Daddy or Duncan walk in the room.
  • Your non-stop curiosity about life.
  • How you open up the cereal cabinet and carry a box over to us while giggling.
  • Your smooth skin.
  • The mass of curls that adorn your head like a little crown.
  • You playing in the sandbox by yourself, indifferent to everything else around you.
  • Chasing you through the backyard.
  • The way you want to snuggle on my lap every morning when you first wake up and every night just before bed.
  • Listening to your sweet voice try out new words each day. I wish I could bottle your voice and save it for the days when it becomes as deep as Duncan's voice. I could open the bottle and listen to you say things like, "Wha' happen?," "Wha' sat noise?," and "The moon go night-night."
  • The fact that you still want me to hold you by saying, "Mommy up!"
  • Your budding sense of humor.
  • How sometimes, when you're really tired, you still fall asleep on me.
I know that the days and weeks slip by so fast, but I never thought the years would do the same. Sometimes I watch you and wish I could stop time for just a bit. I think about grabbing my camera, but I know that no matter how amazing the picture is, it will never live up to the actual moment I try to capture.

Don't grow up too fast, OK?


Katie Ganshert said...

Oh my goodness, Tracy, this post made me get teary!! It's beautiful. You capture your love for Griffin so well here. It's 5:15 in the morning and I want to go wake up my son to give him a hug. The B-man turns two on Saturday! The years truly do slip by.

Kristie "Skie" Vargo said...

Just last night, before Reese went to bed, we called her "banana". Her nickname from the day we brought her home and at 10 she has come to depise. Cherish it all....and maybe have another :)

Kristie "Skie" Vargo said...

Oh...I forgot to mention that Reese used to say put her hands up and say "hold jew" when she wanted us to hold HER. It was so sweet!