Jul 13, 2010


We finally had Griffin's appointment with the ENT last Friday. They conducted a number of hearing tests and then we got to meet with the doctor. Overall it was a quick appointment. Both of Griffin's ears were filled with fluid, which no one was surprised to learn. The doctor left the decision up to us as to whether or not to do the tubes surgery. I told him I wished he could give us a clear yes or no. He said, "If you want me to give you reasons why you shouldn't go through with the tubes, I can't really think of any." With that, we scheduled a date for his procedure. July 21. Yes, I know that is the day before Griffin's 2nd birthday, but the doctor said he will be all better by the next day.

Once we were on our way back home, I turned to Patrick and said, "Ten bucks this kid gets an ear infection in the next two weeks."

Yesterday afternoon I picked up another round of antibiotics for Griffin. Yep, another ear infection.

Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to him getting his tubes? I mean, I'm going to be nervous and worried about him, but everyone I've talked to has told me the tubes can make a huge difference. I want that for him. I know how hard it is on him having all these infections and the constant medicine. I want him to be his silly, playful self.

Despite the ear infection - and another visit to the doctor - things worked out pretty well for Griffin. The doctor gave him a chocolate chip cookie. Griffin smiled, took the cookie, and then said, "Nice doctor."

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Ceci said...

Get the tubes. Both my kids had them. The surgery was quick and they were really and truly fine the next day. It made a HUGE difference! (Although now Bella might need another set of tubes but anyway. . .)