Apr 16, 2010

Those three little words

No, not "I love you," but rather "Mama, ball rolling." OK, so in Griffin's toddler-talk it sounds more like, "Mama, baw row-ee," but we know what he means. He even points to the ball as it rolls down the driveway.

It might not seem momentous to anyone else, but this officially marks Griffin's first 3-word sentence. I'm a proud Mama.


Ceci said...

So exciting! Val's first sentence was "Ly-Ly eat waffle." (That was our cat, Lyle, sniffing her waffle.)

Tracy said...

It's amazing when you can finally communicate with them - even if it's just little bits here and there. Everyone says kids are like sponges, but I never fully understood that until now. New words everyday!

By the way, Ly-Ly is cute. Griffin calls our cat Bear-Bear (his name is Bear), but he says it with a Boston accent.