Dec 2, 2009


Now that NaNoWriMo is over (and I won!), I'm left with a half-finished first draft of a novel. It's a story that has been in my head for almost a year and I'm beyond thrilled to have gotten part of it down on paper (er, computer). Anyway, I've got too much invested in it to just let it go. Sure, NaNo was fun - and I'm definitely going to do it again next year - but for me the challenge didn't stop on December 1st. I really want to finish my story. So I've decided to give myself the goal of finishing by January 18th. I initially said I'd have it done by the end of December, but with the holidays thrown in there, I know things are going to be tight. I picked the 18th because the very next day will be my 37th birthday. {OK, I just looked at that and freaked out because I'm officially going to be in my late-30s - very weird because I still feel 27}. I thought that the best birthday present I could give myself would be to wake up on my birthday and have a completed first draft.

I'm excited about the new challenge.


Jason said...

Great idea, Tracy, keep that momentum going. You are cranking out your dream and it's awesome to watch.

It's been so much fun talking writing with you, and I'm glad we're both still going and have each other as we go.

37? Have you ever seen Clerks? I am so tempted to say something here...

Tracy said...

I saw Clerks a long time ago, so I didn't remember that reference right away. So, yeah, I Googled it, please don't say anything about that here :-)