Oct 25, 2009

Sunday sucked big time

I'm not even going to try to make this post funny. Today sucked. The morning started out OK - played with Griffin, took him grocery shopping, and then we got home and everything went downhill. He wouldn't take a nap even though he was exhausted. We had a similar problem with him going to bed the previous night. This morning he was not having it...and Patrick was growing frustrated. I was getting tired (I'm also fighting a cold and a fever). He wasn't just fussing. He was screaming. Ear piercing screams with tears. It just got worse and worse. He finally wore himself out and slept for 30 minutes. When he woke up it started again.

This went on until he fell asleep in the car at 1:30 PM. He slept for 50 minutes (yes, I drove that whole time - don't forget he was a colicky baby and this is how we survived for almost four months).

I took him to clinic that's open on weekends and it turns out he has a nasty ear infection. When I told Patrick, he said, "I feel bad for yelling at him." In his defense, he didn't really yell. We were exhausted and frustrated and confused.

So the little man is on another antibiotic. That makes two in a little over a week.


Christina Heald said...

I'm glad you found the source of the problem. He has had a good day so far here. I on the other hand have realized that he is using his comedic genius you have spoke of before to say "uh oh" right after a beautiful arc of pee sprang from his body as I was slowly attempting to change my first diaper in almost two weeks. So, he thought it was funny and cackled and I, on the other hand, called my hubby and asked him to pic up some plastic sheeting on the way home. Can't decide whether to wrap my carpet or G in it. :)

Tracy said...

Ooh...sorry about that one. Now you can write a post and call it "Monday Sucked Big Time" and write about the arc of pee. Or heck, just title the post "Arc of Pee" :-)