Oct 8, 2009

The night the lights went out in Iowa

Griffin is obsessed with lamps. OBSESSED. There's no easier way to describe it. He follows us around the house, points to an unlit lamp and says something that sounds like, "Pree! Pree! Pree!" We think he's trying to say "Pretty" because this is what my in-laws used to call all the things in their house that he shouldn't touch - "pretties." {Note to self: Need to nip that one in the bud before he really gets confused}.

So we turn the lamp on and say, "Lights on!" and then turn it off and say, "Lights off!" We have a lot of lamps in our house. A lot. You can tell when Griffin has been in a room because every single lamp is on. Why appease him, you ask? It's no big deal. We talk to him as we do it, so hopefully he's learning some language along the way. Besides, sometimes when I'm really exhausted, I just say no.

Our day care provider has a job chart on her wall. Take one guess what Griffin's job is? Lights Monitor. I saw that this morning and couldn't help but smile.


Christina Heald said...

I'm so glad you saw that on the wall! I've been meaning to point it out to you, but keep forgetting. The observer that came the other day got a real kick out of it because she thought it was a perfectly fitting job for him! We have to do the same thing around my house all day long--Lights On!--Lights Off! When I was printing off jobs and saw that one--I couldn't help but laugh!

Erin @ Fierce Beagle said...

Oh man, Ethan is obsessed with lights too. "Awn!" he shouts, then "Awfff!" over and over. Too sweet.