Aug 25, 2009

Six sentences

I found this incredibly unique web site that challenges writers to tell a story in six sentences. I've heard of flash fiction, but would this be considered micro-flash fiction?

On a whim, I decided to enter my six sentences. After hitting the "enter" button, I wondered what the hell I'd been thinking as I read through some of the most amazing stories. Aarghhh!!! I wanted to take it back. I wanted a do-over. But the very next day I received an e-mail from the editor informing me that my story was accepted!

So, here's my story...

Please do me a favor. Take time and read through some of the other stories. There are some amazing writers on this site. Quite honestly, I kind of feel like an imposter.


Nikki said...

Hi there,

Just wanted to say I loved your six sentence story! Also - your wee boy is the cutest.



Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Tracy

I got here from 6S also, and think you belong there - no impostering going on. I've commented on 6S too, so won't repeat - but I really did like the tone and possibilties of your piece.


Jason said...

You are awesome, Tracy.

Jessica said...

Hi - I really enjoyed your story over on 6S :)


Christina Heald said...

Those six sentences have always stuck with me from the first time I read them. I always thought they were beautiful in a melancholy sort of way. So nice to see you putting it out there!

Sally Moore said...

I just wanted to say I found your blog through your 6S story. Your story was my favorite on the page. So simple, yet said so much. I found myself impatient with the some of the overly-wordy flowery stories of others who are supposed to be accomplished writers.
Thanks for the words!

Tracy said...

Nikki - I'm glad you enjoyed my story! I really love the challenge of trying to write something powerful in just six sentences. Oh...and the wee boy's name is Griffin and he's definitely a handful now that he's learning how to walk :-)

Teresa - Thanks for the kind words about my story. I struggle with comparing myself to other writers. I don't think I'll ever stop doing that...

Jason - Thanks and get a blog :-)

Jessica - Thanks! I see that you have a blog - I'm going to stop by...

Christina - I encourage you to submit something. You're such a strong writer and you have so much to say.

Sally - It's funny that you say this because I was worried that my submission was too short. Too simple. I'm glad you enjoyed it.