Mar 30, 2009

That 'thing' is called a baby monitor

Well, it finally happened. The stupid has set it. I've joked for the past week about how now that I've started taking Topamax, I'll start forgetting basic things and won't be able to find the right words in conversations. Last night as I was going to bed, I said goodnight to Patrick and asked (or at least tried to ask) my usual question.

Me: "Do you want me to turn up thing?"

Patrick: "What thing?"

Me: "This thing." {pointing}

Patrick: "The baby monitor?" {smiling}

Me: "Shut up."


Megan said...

I do that daily. I do not take Topamax. What does that say about me?

Tracy said...

It says that you have three children and are slowly losing your mind :-)

Kristie said...

I bet Patrick is thinking of all the ways he can have with this!

Megan said...

There's nothing slow about it. ;)