Dec 3, 2008

He's like a drunk on a bus

This is a phrase my mom likes to use. When she was a young girl living on the west side of Chicago, she would take a series of buses (city, not school buses) to get to school. Sometimes people would ride the bus early in the morning who were still drunk from the night before. Occasionally they would lean up against whoever was unfortunate enough to sit next to them. After a few of these encounters, my mom tried to avoid them if at all possible.

So, here's Griffin doing his best impersonation of a drunk on a bus (OK, he's really just sleeping, but try to use your imagination)...


Julie said...

he's adorable!!

as for your ? re side effectsof the steroids - Cooper got super hungry (demanded to eat every hour), insomnia - woke up every 45-90 minutes through the night for 3 weeks now, and is quick to get cranky (quicker than before). it's been rough. feel free to email me: -julie

Megan said...

Now that is one chunkalicious little baby. :)

How is he feeling?